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Welcome to Southwest Health and Human Services

Southwest Health and Human Service (SWHHS) is a multi-county agency committed to strengthening individuals, families, and communities by providing quality services in a respectful, caring and cost- effective manner. – Southwest Health and Human Services Mission

SWHHS Departments:

  • Financial Assistance services determine eligibility for services ranging from cash assistance, food support, health care and emergency assistance.
  • Child Support services assist in establishing parentage, establishing court orders for child support, enforcing those orders, providing medical, dental and child care support, collecting and processing payments.
  • Social Services provides services that include special needs adoption, adult and children’s mental health, adult and child protection, chemical health, developmental disabilities, foster care, child care assistance, individuals with disabilities/chronic illness, licensing of foster and child care providers, family services, and senior services.
  • Public Health provides services that assure a strong public health system, promote healthy families and communities, prevent the spread of infectious disease, make environments safe and healthy, prepare for disasters and emergencies, and help all people get quality health services.

Southwest Health and Human Services Centralized Intake 

Southwest Health and Human Services has changed the Centralized Intake Process for Human Services. We now have two intake phone lines. One line is designated for adult services referrals, service requests or Adult Protection reporting. Our other line is designated for children’s services referrals, service requests or Child Protection reporting.

To reach an adult services intake worker please call: 800-810-8816

To reach a child services intake worker please call: 888-964-8407

For health related programs and financial services please contact the office in the county where you live.

Southwest Health and Human Services is tobacco free in its entirety.

Beth Wilms, Director of Health and Human Services


Cindy Nelson, Division Director – Social Services


Carol Biren, Division Director – Public Health/CHS Administrator








Beth Wilms: beth.wilms@swmhhs.com
Cindy Nelson: cindy.nelson@swmhhs.com
Carol Biren: carol.biren@swmhhs.com